Luxury Cars Near Arlington

If you're looking for a new luxury car to get around Arlington, we at Alfa Romeo Fiat of Fort Worth have just the thing for you. We're proud to carry a wide selection of luxurious Alfa Romeo and Fiat models. Check out our new inventory to see just what we have to offer.

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Luxury Cars Near Benbrook

When was the last time you looking forward to driving? When was the last time you fidgeted at your desk, watching the clock tick down until you could finally get back in your car? If driving has lost its splendor, if your car is just another car, we at Alfa Romeo Fiat of Fort Worth are here to help.

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Our Fort Worth Alfa Romeo Dealership Has a Fantastic Luxury SUV to Benefit Arlington and Beyond!

While many people tend to associate the Alfa Romeo brand with their luxury sedans and performance coupes, you might not know that they also make high-quality luxury SUVs for the Texas family to enjoy: introducing the 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio! This mid-sized SUV brings you all of the interior space and versatility of an SUV, but with the speed and luxury that you would expect from something of the Alfa Romeo brand.

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What Makes an Alfa Romeo Model So Reliable? Our Fort Worth Alfa Romeo Dealership is Here to Answer!

We here at Alfa Romeo Fort Worth are here to tell you that when it comes to providing some reliable cars, the Alfa Romeo brand has so much to offer for their loyal drivers! When properly maintained, of course, each Alfa Romeo model can provide you with a ton of fun, sophistication, and style for your money. Each Alfa Romeo model, be it a sedan, coupe, convertible, or SUV, provides you with a true experience as you drive through the streets of Haltom City.

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Up to your Discretion- Fiat 500x models at Alfa Romeo Fiat of Forth Worth

It's versatile, has stellar fuel economy, comes standard with all-wheel drive, and has seating for up to five. With such versatility, how you use the Fiat 500x is up to your discretion- Arlington highway or Benbrook countryside, you can traverse knowing nearly any terrain is manageable. Throw in the sub $21,000 MSRP, and you'll be hard pressed to match this midsize titan.


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Top Five Reasons to Buy a Stelvio SUV in Fort Worth!

With the entrance of the Stelvio, Alfa Romeo enters the crossover SUV fray with a premium vehicle available at a reasonable price. If you're looking for a high-quality SUV in Arlington, Alfa Romeo Fiat of Forth Worth has a fantastic selection of new Stelvio models for you to browse! Whether you're looking to visit our Fort Worth dealership in person, or you want to browse online from the comfort of your Haltom City home, viewing our selection is easy. So, what's the deal with the Stelvio? We'll break down the top five reasons to buy the…

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Find An Alfa Romeo Model That Is Right for You

Are you are looking for a vehicle that is unique, powerful, and luxurious? Are you are looking to invest in something that is truly worth the money? If so, then you may be interested in checking out our selection of Alfa Romeo vehicles.

Whether you are looking for a sedan, like the Alfa Romeo Giulia, an SUV, like the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, or something in between, like the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider our team can help you find and hone in on a specific model that matches your lifestyle and your personality.

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3 Reasons You Should Consider Buying An Alfa Romeo Model

Alfa Romeo vehicles are some of the most popular automotive options on the market today for a number of reasons. Why should you consider investing in one, though? What are its main benefits? We wanted to provide you with three simple reasons to consider investing in an Alfa Romeo model today.

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What is the Relationship Between FIAT and Alfa Romeo?

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How are They Related and How Does it Benefit Shoppers at Alfa Romeo FIAT of Fort Worth?

As a property of Fiat Chrysler, Alfa Romeo has enjoyed increased popularity since its return to the mainstream in North America with the Alfa Romeo 4C in 2014. The role of Alfa Romeo in Fiat Chrysler is simple; offer drivers from Fort Worth Italian-styled luxury and racing-inspired performance that doesn’t have to break the bank. 


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Does Alfa Romeo Make an SUV?

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You Asked, The New Alfa Romeo Stelvio Answers in a Big Way

Yes indeed Alfa Romeo does make an SUV and what an SUV the 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio is. Blending the Alfa Romeo reputation for luxury and premium performance with the versatile flexibility and features of modern crossover SUV’s, the 2018 Alfa Romeo is making its presence felt by drivers and competitors alike. Featuring the blend of explosive and exciting performance and luxurious features that you’d expect from a premium luxury European brand like Alfa Romeo; the bar has been raised by the 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio…

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